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64-bit JavelinExecutor.exe can't detect extensions when running in non C:


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


When 64-bit JavelinExecutor.exe is running from its default location "c:\Program Files\Grid-Tools\Javelin\JavelinExecutor.exe", it is able to detect extensions in "C:\ProgramData\CA\JavelinConfig\x64\Extensions".

  However when 64-bit JavelinExecutor.exe is running from non-standard location such as "E:\Software\Javelin\JavelinExecutor.exe", it is not able to detect extensions in "C:\ProgramData\CA\JavelinConfig\x64\Extensions".


Release : 4.9.1

Component : CA Test Data Manager


Below tag in Javelin.exe.config and JavelinExecutor.exe.config maintains the location of extensions.

    <add key="JavelinProgramDataDirectory" value="E:\ProgramData" />

If you install it on E:\ this extension might have pointed to E:\ProgramData. So, place your extensions to E:\ProgramData\CA\JavelinConfig\x64\Extensions\ or change the path E:\ProgramData to C:\ProgramData  in Javelin.exe.config and JavelinExecutor.exe.config file to resolve the issue.

    <add key="JavelinProgramDataDirectory" value="C:\ProgramData" />