Event Queue Max out Error - How to clear it out?
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Event Queue Max out Error - How to clear it out?


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Hi Team,

We have MQ services deployed on performance VSE. One Q manager was temporarily down which generate errors on virtual services deployed.

and We got these errors in VSE Logs: Could not put anything new on the event queue

Even after restarting the services memory consumption at VSE is very high and this error still getting generated.

To minimize the impact on our testing we restated server. 


Please let us know why DevTest is not able to handle these errors.


Release : 10.6

Component : CA Service Virtualization


Several places to look:

I suspect the event queue here talks about the internal active MQ queue.. if we can get the complete log, we can determine if that is the cause.

Do they have lisa.vse.max.hard.errors is set to -1? then VS will be in running state and throwing the error and might be causing high CPU. If the property is not configured to -1 then VS 's which use queue should stop when they 3 errors and may not cause high CPU

lease check if this property is set. "lisa.eventPool.maxQueueSize".

You may check this document for other properties. Make sure pathfinder is turned off. https://knowledge.broadcom.com/external/article/48518/vse-performance-tuning-guidelines.html

IN addition, looks like some stale connection.. please stop the services , delete all the logs entire lisatmp folder, and then restart VSE. This should clean out the stale session messages from before.