How to Debug Symantec Endpoint Encryption with Application Verifier
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How to Debug Symantec Endpoint Encryption with Application Verifier


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Endpoint Encryption


This article will show you how to debug the application for Symantec Endpoint Encryption with Application Verifier.  This is useful if you are running into application issues where services may be crashing.



First, you'll need to acquire Application Verifier and install it on the system you wish to debug.

Next, launch Application Verifier and you'll see this screen.  Click "File" from the top menu to see the options:


In this example, we will be debugging the SEE Management Agent application (EAFRCliManager.exe).  To do so, browse to the directory where the application is installed

(C:\Program Files\Symantec\Endpoint Encryption Clients\Management Agent):

Once you see the application in the list, on the right side of the screen, click the plus sign next to miscellaneous, and select "Dirty Stacks":




Now if the SEE Application is crashing, reproduce the issue and then select "View, Logs" from the top menu.

In this example, we do not have any logs showing up, but in the event of the application may be crashing, once the logs show up, save them and provide to Symantec Support for further review: