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Faulty post installation "Free Obsolete Packages and Plans, option 0" for R17 Fast Unload package versions


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Database Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS Fast Unload for DB2 for z/OS Fast Check for DB2 for z/OS Fast Index for DB2 for z/OS Rapid Reorg for DB2 for z/OS


For release R17, the FREE Plans/Packages is incorrect for DGLR170_PUT_PFU, shows version CAD140.....

How to correct this going forward on the current release?  




Release : 19.0

Component : CA Fast Unload for DB2 for z/OS


The best solution;  

a. Yes this was a problem on R17, they were distributed wrong. Broadcom, can't go back to R17 to correct this. 

b. Currently on R19 and R20, this is NOT a problem, its been checked the DBRM libraries for both R19 and R20, its correct. 

C. The Best solution would be go into RC Query for; VERSION CAD140% and manually free those packages.