Some controls are not accessible via Keyboard
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Some controls are not accessible via Keyboard


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All browser-based functionality is not fully keyboard accessible.  They should be actionable by keyboard by pressing space and enter.

Components impacted:

  1. The filter button that expands on triggering it is skipped when navigated by Keyboard Actions on Ideas is not available via keyboard
  2. Options menu cannot be activated by keyboard users
  3. Manage Filters dropdown can be reached by Keyboard users but they cannot activate it
  4. Help, About, and Logout dropdown menu trigger cannot be reached by keyboard users
  5. It is not possible to activate focused nav elements using standard keyboard commands

Additionally, Keyboard focus is not clearly visible on some controls - A visible keyboard focus is needed to know current position of focus when user navigates in page. There are no default focus outlines or any visible alternative.


Release : 15.8.1, 15.9



WCAG features have been expanded in each release of Clarity, and the ability to use the keyboard only is now included in many parts of the MUX. As of release 15.9.3, not all parts of the application may include this functionality.

For more information on what is being planned to help with accessibility issues please review the information here: Modern UX Accessibility Issue