Dynamic Links are not properly displayed on list views
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Dynamic Links are not properly displayed on list views


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS



1. Go to Administration > Studio > Objects
2. Create a new master object 
   Name: Reports
   ID: ca_reports
   API enabled
   Investment Extension
3. Create following attributes:
   String type (Name: code / ID: code / API Attribute ID: z_code)
   URL type (Name: Report Link / ID: ca_rpt_link / API Attribute ID:  z_link)
4. Administration > Data Administration > Lookups
   Create a dynamic query type lookup (Name: MenuLinks / ID ca_ml)
   Add the following query:
   SELECT ' <a href="'|| rp.ca_rpt_link ||'" <font color="Blue"><i><u>'||rp.code||'</u></i></font></a> '  LINK_DETAILS
   odf_ca_ca_reports rp
   WHERE rp.code=@WHERE:PARAM:USER_DEF:STRING:object_Prnt_id@
   SELECT ' <a href="https://<host>/niku/nu#" <font color="Blue"><i><u>MyReportLink</u></i></font></a> '  LINK_DETAILS
5. Create one more attribute at object level:
   Lookup type (Name: MenuLink Generic / ID: ca_ml_gen / Associated lookup: MenuLinks)
   Provide the default value available.
   Lookup Parameter Mappings: object_prnt_id = code
6. Login to the Modern UX
7. Go to Custom Investments
8. Open the Reports object
9. Go to the Grid view and add the Code and MenuLink to the view
9. Create an instance:
   Name: Monday Report
   Code: Lave it blank
   Menu Link defaults to MyReportLink
10. Add Monday Report value to the code
   Menu Link changes to Monday Report
11. Create a second instance:
    Name: Tuesday Report
 Code: Tuesday Report
 Menu Link displays to Tuesday Report
12. Reorder the Reports list

Expected Results: The links display as per code: Monday Report, Tuesday Report
Actual Results: The links change and display as per the first code found

Workaround: If you select the row and open the Details fly out, the MenuLinks field displays the proper link 


This is caused by DE58233


This is fixed in 15.9.1 and has been backported to