Assistance needed in installing the Siteminder
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Assistance needed in installing the Siteminder


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We're installing a Policy Server on Linux, and we want to understand
the reason why entropy and X11 are needed on Linux ? Is there a way to
run the Policy Server without them ?

We've followed the link :

  Prepare for the Policy Server Installation




Policy Server 12.8SP3 on RedHat 7 




At first glance, as pre-requisites, you need to have them set to
install and run the Policy Server on Linux. Unfortunatly, there's no
work around.

About Entropy :

This is needed for performances of the Policy Server when
encrytion/decryption operations are needed. Without it

  Increase Entropy

    Policy Server uses the /dev/random character device for key
    generation. However, as /dev/random stops supplying numbers when
    entropy is insufficient, it might impact the Policy Server run
    time performance.

Without it, you might :

Face problem to use the smconsole :

  Policy Server management console : Not able to change data tab details

Face problem to access the AdminUI :

  AdminUI reports Invalid username and password combination

  AdminUI :: Error : The administrator directory could not be initialized

  AdminUI :: Registration to Policy Server : Username and Password do not match

  How to solve the Linux AdminUI error "wrong username or password"

  Problem to login with AdminUI - Username and Password is incorrect

  Error: Username and password do not match

Face communication problems between the AdminUI and Policy Server :

  Cannot Log in to Admin UI to Complete Registration: Handshake Failures in SMPS.log

  AdminUI frozen and handshake errors due to Socket error 0
  Policy Server and AdminUI :: Linux : /dev/random

Face problem to connect to ODBC Backend servers :

  Policy server 12.82 not able to connect with ODBC

Face problem in future upgrade :

  Upgrade issue - java.lang.RuntimeException: AGENTAPI_FAILURE

Face problem when Policy Server starts :

  Policy Server doesn't process further after "RADIUS server is disabled"

  Slow startup of the Policy SiteMinder Server on RedHat Linux 5.3 (2.6 kernel).

About X11 Support :

Face problem to run the Policy Server smconsole

  Not able to launch Smconsole through command line

Details about the libraries and how to install them :

  Is X11 library required?
  Minimal number of X11 packages to support X forwarding on Redhat 7 for Policyserver

  Required Linux Libraries for 12.7 Policy Server