How to create a silent install for Secure Domain Connector in Spectrum
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How to create a silent install for Secure Domain Connector in Spectrum


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


We would like to create a silent install for the Secure Domain Connector in Spectrum  (NetOps 20.2.3) but the process does not appear to be documented.

Can you please provide full instructions on how to install the SDC as a silent install with the least required libraries for Linux?


Release : 20.2.3

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


SIlent Install of the SDC is not currently documented


SDC installation

1) Sourcing SDC installer
- From the default Spectrum installation file - GEN500000000003362.tar.gz:
  - Extract the sdmc directory - this contains all of the SDM/SDC installation material.
- Zip up the "sdmc" directory (it is in the parent of the tarball) for deployment onto the key hosts (will be just under 300meg).
  - This is transferred onto each SDC host for installation and unzipped before installing.

2) Install SDC on each host (as non-root user "spectrum")

3) Setting up permissions for non-root user spectrum and install directory
sudo groupadd -g 1010 spectrum
sudo useradd -d /home/spectrum -g spectrum -u 1010 -m -p spectrum -s /bin/bash spectrum
sudo passwd spectrum
mkdir /local/install_media ; sudo chown -R spectrum:spectrum /local/install_media
mkdir /local/install_tmp ; sudo chown -R spectrum:spectrum /local/install_tmp
mkdir /opt/SPECTRUM ; chown -R spectrum:spectrum /opt/SPECTRUM
mkdir /local/SDMConnector ; chown -R spectrum:spectrum /local/SDMConnector

make sure /etc/hosts file is populated with all SpectroSERVERs (Primaries and Secondaries) and SDC servers (Primary and Backup if applicable) with hostname and ip address

4) # Pre-Req RPM packages (over a standard minimal build)
sudo yum install -y glibc.i686

5) # Installation
  # Run the pre-install setup script (must be done as root)
cd /local/install_media/20.2.3/sdmc/linux/bin
sudo ./
  # Select option 1 to go through the pre-install steps
Install user - spectrum
Install group - spectrum
Install location - /local/SDMConnector

6)  # Perform the installation
su - spectrum
cd /local/install_media/20.2.3/sdmc/linux
export IATEMPDIR=/local/install_tmp

7)   # To record the install (only needed to generate the silent build properties file as a one-off):
./install.bin -r silent.properties_sdc -i console   (see step 9 to copy the silent.properties_sdc data into the file instead of running this step).

    # To run the install silently (this is the normal install method using the pre-defined build properties file):
./install.bin -f silent.properties_sdc -i silent

8)    # Run the post-install setup script (must be done as root)
cd /local/install_media/20.2.3/sdmc/linux/bin
sudo ./
  # Select option 2 to go through the post-install steps.
  # This will setup the systemd profiles - as in no more SysV /etc/init.d runlevel scripts!

9) # Post Installation Configuration and 

The silent.properties_sdc for a SDC install is as follows in bold print below:
[spectrum@specsdc linux]$ cat silent.properties_sdc
# Sun Aug 16 00:14:15 BST 2020
# Replay feature output
# ---------------------
# This file was built by the Replay feature of InstallAnywhere.
# It contains variables that were set by Panels, Consoles or Custom Code.


#Destination Location

-fileOverwrite_/local/SDMConnector/Uninstall_DX NetOps Spectrum Secure Domain Connector/Uninstall_DX NetOps Spectrum Secure Domain Connector.lax=Yes
[spectrum@specsdc linux]$

10) Follow the steps to configure and setup the SDC