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I create WTO messages for policy statement actions but the messages always get issued with a prefix of BPXM023I. How can I make the messages only have the prefix message ID that I reference in the policy statement?


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Compliance Manager for z/OS



The message prefix of BPXM023I is supplied by the BPX routine that processes console commands - BPX1CCS
To stop these messages you will need to allow the issuer read access to BPX.CONSOLE in the FACILITY resource class.


The access to BPX.CONSOLE will be required for any of the compliance manager tasks that issues messages to the console e.g. CMGRRTR CMGRALRT CMGRMON and CMGRWHSE .

CA TOP SECRET will require a permission for the IBMFAC(BPX.CONSOLE) resource.

RACF will require permissions to be written for facility.

CA ACF2 will require a resource rule entry to be written for the $KEY(BPX) type(FAC) rule (if you use the default type code for class(FACILITY).


Release: CIEMGR00200-2-Compliance Manager-for z/OS Option for RACF