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TPX Batch: How to add multiple sessions and applications to a new profile


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TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS


Looking for a sample of TPX Batch to add over 100 Sessions and Applications with start up ACL to a new profile in TPX
Adding Applid, Session Description, Session Name and start up ACL.


Release : 5.4

Component : CA-TPX for OS/390


JCL example below:

//BATCHADM  EXEC TPXPROC,VNODE='*BATCH*'      <<<< Change TPXPROC to your TPX proc name >>>>>>>
 ADD    PROFILE(XXXXXXX)                                            <<<<< Add the new profile - where XXXXXXX is the name of the profile >>>>>
 ADD PROFILESESSION (OMEGCLAS XXXXXXX)        <<<<< Add the session to the profile - where XXXXXXX is the session name >>>>>. 
 UPDATE PROFILESESSION (OMEGCLAS XXXXXXX   <<<<< Update the session - where XXXXXXX is the sessions name >>>>>>  
       (PENTAPPL(XXXXXXX)                                             <<<<< Applid name - where XXXXXX is the name of the application >>>>>>
        PENTSCRP(STARTACL)                                           <<<<< ACL name - where STARTACL is the name of the start up ACL >>>>>>
        WSESLABL('Label / Description')))                          <<<<< Label(Description) of the application >>>>>> 

Repeat and edit all statements from the ADD PROFILESESSION statement through and including WSESLABL for the number of sessions being added.