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Different flag in DE_IDENT_IND column


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Until now, we were informed to look for DE_IDENT_IND = 'P' as an indicator/flag to verify if any column is previously de_identified or not.
However, after recent updates in the build for FDM (#102), the flag is showing 'S' for a few tables that we masked. 

Is this a new kind of 'flag'? What does it indicate?
Can you provide some more clarification about this?


FDM 4.9.X
TDM Portal 4.9.X

Component: CA Test Data Manager


when masking completes restart column will have two states S and P where P refers to rows that were masked during the run and S where rows where processed but not masked (one reason for not masking are null values )

if you run a query such as:
select count(de_ident_ind), de_ident_ind from TABLENAME group by de_ident_ind

You might see other values U or N in the results:
Count                   DE_IDENT_IND
20112299            U
1130209              N

because you can have multiple threads processing different columns for the same row.
It is not possible to update the restart column with S and P.  

For example:
thread 1 updates restart col with S after processing columnA in row number X.
thread 2 will then not be able to process row X as restart col was set to S

to get around these timing issues, we used U and N as temporary values for masked and not masked.
when the job completes all N and U entries will be updated to S and P