Autosys re-installation or NOT - trying to move autosys install location
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Autosys re-installation or NOT - trying to move autosys install location


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We have a current installation of Autosys that is not installed in a separate mount in linux

The current installation does not have ample space and the application [Autosys] consumes more disk space in root "/" file system

We have an unused mount were we would like to utilized

Could you suggest a way on how to move the application [Autosys] to the unused mount without re-installation or re-installation is our only option?



Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


The best / supported option is uninstall and reinstall into the new location.
There are many files and updates that one would need to manually make to try to move it in any other way.

You can try to could move the entire /opt/CA directory or whatever your top level directory is, while the processes are NOT running, and move it to your other filesystem / location.
Then in its place create a link in the old location pointing to the new moved location.
This way any and all existing old references could still be used and just get routed to the new location.
The reason this is a less ideal option is someone could one day remove that link and then the product would have problems and this is not something Broadcom QAs.
So, while it may work in the short term trouble could still come up later during say an upgrade if something was missed.