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Unable to destroy invalid pipe/link/connection between two devices


Article ID: 200910


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CA Spectrum


We can see a resolved pipe between 2 models in Spectrum neighbor tab but when access into the component detail in order to remove it the resolved pipe does not exist. 

In fact that connectivity between these 2 devices does not exist now it was removed by design by the Network engineers yesterday, we already reconfigure the 2 devices and discovered the connections from the Spectrum tool but the resolved pipe is still there.



Release : 10.4

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Here is the walkthrough to destroy the invalid link/pipe/connection between HMKCA5C12ACCX22 and HMKCA4DCDISR02:

DeviceA - model_h=0x100b080
DeviceB - model_h=0x1018a70

1. Open a bash shell (bash -login)

2. Navigate to the $SPECROOT/vnmsh/ directory
cd vnmsh

3. Connect to the vnmsh daemon
$ ./connect

4. Run the following command to list the association between DeviceA - model_h=0x100b080 and DeviceB:
$ ./show associations mh=0x100b080 | grep -i DeviceB
0x1018aa1 DeviceB_Twe1 Connects_to 0x100b080 DeviceA

5. Run the following command to list the association between DeviceB - model_h=0x1018a70 and DeviceA:
$ ./show associations mh=0x1018a70 | grep -i DeviceA
(empty result)

6. Run the following command to destroy the invalid association:
$ ./destroy association rel=Connects_to lmh=0x1018aa1 rmh=0x100b080
destroy association: are you sure ? y
destroy association: successful