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UIM - CDM MCS Disk template 5 digit limit in the value field


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When creating a Disk(s) (Enhanced) profile, when unit is set to MB (instead of percent) It is not possible to enter more than 5 digits in the value field.

For large disk (>3TB) customer requires entries with 6 digits






Release : 20.1

UIM 9.2 / 20.1 / 20.3

CDM 6.50-MC

cdm_mcs_templates 6.50



The MCS CDM Template does not support monitoring large disk (>3TB).

The recommendation for fulfilling the use case of monitoring large disk (>3TB) is using the "Alarm Policies" for threshold configuration.

Manage Alarms with Centralized Alarm Policies




The same is applicable to NIC Monitoring. In the MCS profile alarms for NIC Monitoring profile, it is only possible to insert 5 digits for traffic threshold. Use the Alarm policies in the OC to be able to set a threshold that has more than 5 digits bytes. 

Additional Information

NOTE: The ability to set the alarm threshold and TOT directly into the MCS Profile is determined by a key in the mon_config_service probe. This is: "policy_mode_enabled = true". 

By default policy_mode_enabled is set to true and the alarms and TOT MCS GUI is not visible. When policy_mode_enabled = false, it is possible to set alarms in MCS, with the limitations discussed in this KB.