CA View - Does a View Upgrade Require an IPL?
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CA View - Does a View Upgrade Require an IPL?


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Deliver View


The client is upgrading View/Deliver and wants to know if there any IPLs required.


Release : 12.2

Component : CA View


When upgrading View/Deliver, no IPLs are ever required.

The highest level of View that can be upgraded to from 11.5 is to 12.0.

The client was provided:

. The SARDBASE 12.0 module.
. The RMODBASE 12.0 module.
. The View 12.0 CVDEPENU panel library.
. The Deliver 12.0 CVDEPENU panel library.

The above will allow the client to upgrade the View and Deliver databases to 12.0.

With the databases at the 12.0 level, the client can then implement the View/Deliver 12.2 code, as a 12.0-level database is compatible with 12.2-level code.

It was identified that the client uses CA Deliver, as in a SARINIT run, they had a non-blank value in the EXPRESS=... parameter, with the Deliver database high-level qualifier.

Running SARINIT, with only the NAME=... card, will show the list of parameters used for a database.

In a running CA Deliver RMOSTC task, issuing command "/F rmostc,DISPLAY" will list the Deliver RMOPARMS.

Deliver RMOPARM ARCHn=DIRECT[/view_hlq] indicates that Deliver does a direct write to a View database.

When doing a View database VERSION, the following need to be down:

. SARSTC task.
. Any SARFSS tasks.
. Any SARXMS tasks.
. The use of any CLIST that accesses the View database.

In a SARDBASE VERSION, only the database's index records are affected.

To gauge the time needed to run a SARDBASE VERSION:

. Copy the database to another database.
. Run the VERSION.