RDP and SSH/Web sessions loading very slow in CA PAM
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RDP and SSH/Web sessions loading very slow in CA PAM


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


It has been observed  that the session for RDP/SSH/Web Portals are loading very slowly. A similar situation occurs when navigating inside PAM: switching tabs or even across sections of the GUI takes a long time. The delay is noticeably very huge and is taking around 10 time the usual time for accessing remote RDP or ssh devices observed in other similar environments.

The delay does not occur when working within the sessions open through the applets. This means that, after the applet is loaded with delay, the operator can normally work without delays in the session itself.

This problem only happens if the short name of PAM is being used. If the FQDN or if the IP are used, the session connects at normal speed and operation is normal.


CA Privileged Access Manager

All releases


This may be caused by a misconfiguration of the DNS entries in the networking section of PAM

The way PAM works, the DNS entries are queried in order. If there is one that is misspelled or non-responsive, the product will wait until it receives a timeout for the incorrect DNS before trying the next one in the list. This may lead to long delays without affecting operation once connection is established


Carefully check the DNS entries in the networking configuration of the CA PAM appliance to make sure the IP addresses are correct and there is no typo. Check as well DNS availability and response for the DNS configured in CA PAM