IDMS: ARCHIVE JOURNAL jobs are not running
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IDMS: ARCHIVE JOURNAL jobs are not running


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ARCHIVE JOURNAL jobs should normally be automatically submitted by the following process:

A CV system journal fills, the CV swaps to the next journal and writes a DC205003 message.
The WTOEXIT intercepts this message and submits the job - ideally defined in the AJNLJOB ddname of the CV's startup job.


Release : All supported releases.
Component : CA IDMS/DB


The  most likely cause of the ARCHIVE JOURNAL jobs not being submitted is that the WTOEXIT has not been specified.


There are two ways to specify the WTOEXIT.

If neither of these is done, the ARCHIVE JOURNAL jobs will not be submitted.

Additional Information

KD 200817: From where does the IDMS CV load the WTOEXIT?