How to disable .NET Agent
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How to disable .NET Agent


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE



We need a way to disable and re-enable the .NET Agent without completely uninstalling it. How can we safely disable the .NET Agent?


Option 1: Perform an uninstall/reinstall. The process is simple. Use the Add/Remove programs dialog to remove the APM .NET Agent. This will remove all registry entries and delete the core agent code. You may need to manually remove the %WILY_HOME% directory. To re-enable the .NET Agent, simply reinstallit from your distribution media.

Option 2: In the agent's IntroscopeAgent.profile file, set the Introscope.autoprobe.enable property to "false". Recycle the monitored applications (services, pools, etc.) This will cause the APM agent to bootstrap, but not instrument any application code.

Option 3: Set the Cor_Enable_Profiling environment variable (using the properties dialog on My Computer) to 0x0. Recycle the monitored applications (services, pools, etc.) This will ensure that the APM agent code is not invoked when .NET CLR is launched.


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