How to configure SOI to use a new EEM install.


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


SOI and EEM are installed on the same server.

A newer version of EEM has been installed on another server.

How do we point / configure SOI to use the new EEM install?


During the install of SOI the local EEM server was set as the external directory.


Release: Service Operations Insight 4.2


Original(Current) EEM Server:



Logon to the EEM UI.

Choose the SSA-<Current Host> Application

Login as the "EiamAdmin" user

Click on the Configure folder tab

Click on the EEM Server link

Click on the Export Application link

Click on the Export button

A File downloads, please save this file.

Logout from EEM

Unzip above saved file, it will have .xml file.


On New EEM Server:



Copy the above .xml to new EEM server

Open SSA-<current>.xml file and modify any entries SSA-<current> to new desired application name like SSA-<new_hostname> or leave them as it is.


Open command prompt


CD to \\Program Files\CA\SharedComponents\iTechnology

Run below command...


safex -h <New EEM Host> -u EiamAdmin -P <password> -f "<above xml file path>"


Note: If above command successfully excuted, then you will be able to see the Application Instance created under new EEM.


Update 'SamUI\conf\jaas.config' with new EEM server host.

Update \SOI_HOME\tomcat\registry\topology\physical\node0\sor\ with new EEM Host.

Run "registryloader" from \tomcat\registry.

Restart both SOI Manager and UI services.

Additional Information

Note: If there is a password change, follow the steps in SOI Implementation guide, page 131.