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API Gateway: Gateway Migration Utility (GMU) failed with "Unknown entity type: WORK_QUEUE" error


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CA API Gateway CA Microgateway


This article will discuss how to workaround the error below that can occur when migrating content using GMU across old to new versions of the API Gateway.

Error Message: Execution failed. Reason: Migrate in failed: Bad Request Invalid value for argument 'entityType'. Unknown entity type: WORK_QUEUE


This article applies to all supported API Gateway versions, although the issue won't occur if the source and target Gateway when using GMU are at version 9.4 or newer.


There was an old entityType of WORK_QUEUE in older versions of the API Gateway, which were no longer valid as of Gateway version 9.4 and newer.


To workaround this issue, the user needs to review the content from the migrateOut command run against the source Gateway, and comment out all references / items to WORK_QUEUE. Once complete, the migrateIn should move past this issue successfully.

Additional Information

The resolution is unfortunately a manual and possibly time-intensive operation depending on how many references to WORK_QUEUE exist in the migrateOut output file. There is no other known workaround at this time, however.