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Unable to See Virtual Services Displayed on Portal post DevTest 10.6.0 Upgrade - NullPointerException occurred when processing request: [GET]


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CA Application Test


Steps to Reproduce:
1. Upgraded from DevTest 10.4.0 to 10.6.0.

2. Upgraded in three environments.

3. Environments one and two had no issues.

4. Environment three all the components started, but no virtual services would display in the Portal.  Components on this machine: Registry, Portal and VSE.

5. Thought is might be permissions issue, but all folders were open.

6. No information was being written to the portal-grails-res-hub.log file.

7. These errors were in the portal-grails.log file:

2020-10-03 10:47:16,899Z (20:47) [qtp394721749-18] ERROR StackTrace                     - Full Stack Trace:
retrofit.RetrofitError: 500 Server Error
 at retrofit.RetrofitError.httpError(
8. These errors were in the vse.log:

2020-10-03 19:42:38,940Z (06:42) [DP_SendPaymentInstructions_PT_1.0_F [VS_DP_SendPaymentInstructions_PT_1.0_F_SIT5_Run]/1] WARN  com.itko.lisa.coordinator.VSETransactionLicensingManager - Transaction processing speed is being gated due to licensing restrictions.
2020-10-03 19:42:38,944Z (06:42) [DP_SendPaymentInstructions_PTDT_4.0_F [VS_DP_SendPaymentInstructions_PTDT_4.0_F_SIT1_Run]/1] WARN  com.itko.lisa.test.LisaException - LisaException detail Error opening queue manager SAWAR011, Completion Code 2 (MQCC_FAILED), Reason Code 2397 (MQRC_JSSE_ERROR) exception is MQJE001: Completion Code '2', Reason '2397'.

These errors are expected because all the virtual services were IBM MQ and the queue manager was down.

9. These NPE errors were all through the registry.log:

2020-10-03 10:47:24,868Z (20:47) [qtp1912478333-79] ERROR org.grails.web.errors.GrailsExceptionResolver - NullPointerException occurred when processing request: [GET] /lisa-virtualize-invoke/api/v2/vses/huY0JlPQwv6RPbagaiUO_NFEmKlf268pSdlgDfmQthRkKGJQEDXcNJbp1lOocvK29qgYNLOw/services
Stacktrace follows:



Needed existing patch applied.


Release : 10.6

Component : CA Service Virtualization


Open a support case and refer to defect DE480052.