Internet Explorer (IE) reports "Illegal access to the viewer, please use a valid URL" when running a Web Intelligence (WEBI) report within the Reports tab due to missing cookies


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Starting Web intelligence (WEBI) Report via the Reports tab of CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) gives this error in Internet Explorer (IE):

Illegal access to the viewer please use a valid url.

This has been seen with both IE8 and IE9.

Related behavior seen:

  • Running the WEBI report using the Firefox web browser is successful.
  • Running a Crystal Report via the Reports tab using IE is successful.
  • The same WEBI report runs OK after logging into Infoview directly without going through the SDM Reports tab

The solutions provided in technical documents TEC559972 and TEC495179 have been followed. Both the BOXI URL and the SDM server URL are included as Trusted Sites for Internet Explorer. The symptoms persist.


In one case, a Privacy Report in the IE web browser status bar shows up with a list of cookies that are being restricted or blocked. The IE settings should be reviewed to be sure that cookies are allowed. To test for this case, in a test environment, in the IE Tools options, under the Privacy tab, move the slider all of the way down so that IE will accept all cookies. This case can be resolved by allowing the IE web browser to accept cookies from Service Desk Manager. IE group policy should be checked to be sure that cookies are allowed to pass through.

In another case, there is no Privacy Report; instead, the traces taken using the Fiddler Web Debugger show that required cookies are missing in the request headers. To confirm this case, if you run Fiddler and click on the corresponding instance of the URL that begins with "/AnalyticalReporting/viewers/cdz_adv/viewDocument.jsp" , then you should find that the "Cookies / Login" section under the Headers tab for the GET request is missing.

If IIS is being used, a suggested solution is to change the app pool to Classic instead of Integrated. A proven solution is described in the Microsoft article that is located at the following link:


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