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Client Automation - caf_writePipe failed to write sig to pipe - (232) The pipe is being closed


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CA Client Automation CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager


After a reboot of Domain Manager command caf status does not work and fails with message :

Failed to connect to the local caf service.


In TRC_CF_CAF_SERVICE_*.log following error appears :

240920-08:16:10.6936750L|001488|000005f0|CAF_SERVIC|        |        |000000|ERROR  | caf_writePipe: failed to write sig to pipe: : (232) The pipe is being closed.  
240920-08:16:10.6937582L|001488|000005f0|CAF_SERVIC|cafutils|cafutils|000000|ERROR  | caf_writePipe: Some error occured


Client Automation 14.0 *


On some Windows environment it may necessary to delay the start of caf service to let time to others Windows services to initialize.

This could be done with 2 methods :

- GUI method in Windows Services :


- Command Line method :

sc config caf start= delayed-auto