ERROR MESSAGE: SAP R3 Endpoint 'SAP' creation failed
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ERROR MESSAGE: SAP R3 Endpoint 'SAP' creation failed


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When upgrading from CA IDM (CA Identity Manager) 12.6 to CA Identity Suite 14.3 (Symantec IGA) Virtual Appliance (vApp) and trying to acquire an SAP R3 Endpoint the following error is returned:

Create SAP R/3 Endpoint "SAP_ENDPOINT_NAME>": Failed to execute CreateSAPR/3Endpoint. ERROR MESSAGE: SAP R3 Endpoint 'SAP' creation failed: Connector Server Add failed: code 80 (OTHER-LdapConfigurationException): failed to add entry eTNamespaceName=SAP R3,dc=im,dc=etasa: JCS@<JCS_hostname>: ImplBundle: SAP: failed to resolve connectorTypeClass='' due to missing connector .jar or non-bundled dependency of it (i.e. dependency requires manual customer installation): java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: (ldaps://,


or the message


eTSAPSNCnoSSO not found in attribute registry


Identity Manager 14.4.x


The Remote Connector Server was not updated correctly.


If you point the JCS installed on Virtual Appliance and it works to create the SAP endpoint, it means the Remote Connector Server was not correctly updated to 14.4 CP2

To resolve it, make sure you updated the CCS, JCS, and ETKI folders from your Remote Connector Server as described in the documentation below:

- CP-CCS-1442-Instructions_On_How_To_Deploy.pdf, this PDF file is located in the 14.4 CP2 patch

- CP-JCS-1442-Instructions_On_How_To_Deploy.pdf, this PDF file is located in the 14.4 CP2 patch

- Delete the JCS cache, see how in the "Additional Information" below

- From IAM CS UI, deploy the sapConnectorLibsOsgi.jar file as described in the SAP connector documentation

- Create the SAP endpoint


Additional Information

How the clean the JCS cache

- Stop JCS service (Symantec Identity Manager - Connector Server (Java))

- Backup the JCS folders below:


/CA/IdentityManager/ConnectorServer/jcs/data/jdbm/SA Configuration 

/CA/IdentityManager/Connector Server/data/activemq 

/CA/IdentityManager/Connector Server/data/cache 

/CA/IdentityManager/Connector Server/data/derby 

/CA/IdentityManager/Connector Server/data/port 

- Delete the content of each folder above and the port file

- Start JCS (Symantec Identity Manager - Connector Server (Java))