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DISABLED value is always changed to "0" if administrator enable the disabled user.


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I tried to enable/disabled user task .

The user disable state value was "16777217" (the user is disabled and password must change = True)

After I enabled the user, the disable state value is changed to "0" (the user is enabled and password must change = False)


Could you please confirm that default "enable user" task in IDM version 14.3 did process like this?


Release : 12.6.8 CR1, 14.0 CP4, 14.1 CP1 or later release.

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


If administrator user enable the disabled user, TBLUSERS.DISABLED value is always changed to “0” by design.

If you need to enable “Password Must Change” status (16777216), please enable the user, then enable "Password Must Change" option.