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Skills - Where is it Stored for a Resource/Role?


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Where is the skill information of the Resource/Role in the project team stored in the database?


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If any skill is added to Resource/Role in project team, the record will be created in RSM_SKILLS_ASSOCIATIONS table.
The following are the example.

Example 1

Add skills to Resource/Role.
Go to Home->Resources->Skills tab and add skills.

For Resource,

For Role,

Add these Resource and Role to the project team.
The records are created in RSM_SKILLS_ASSOCIATIONS table. (object_code = "resource")

Example 2

Go To Home->Projects->Team-> and click Properties icon of Role.

Add skill to this Role in Skills tab.

After that, the record is created in RSM_SKILLS_ASSOCIATIONS table. (object_code = "team")

The Role has 2 types of Skills.
One is Resource Skills, and other is Staff Member Skills.