Splitting Stories in Scrum
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Splitting Stories in Scrum


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We have noticed that the screen does not refresh when a story is split.  It creates the [Unfinished] and [Continued] stories but does not return the user to the Iteration Status screen showing the [Unfinished] story.  This causes concern and uncertainty for the user and because of this they often duplicate the split unnecessarily.  Is this a design flaw? Is there a better page for the user to be splitting stories from?  They are currently refreshing the page after each split but don't feel that is the best use of their time when the page already refreshes after the split function. Any assistance and guidance you can provide would me much appreciated. 

Steps to reproduce:
1) Create Sprint 1
2) Create User Story 1
3) Select the check box next to User Story 1 just created
4) Go to Split page and select Split button to Split Story 1

Expected result: [Unfinished] Story 1 should appear on the Iteration Status page
Actual result: On Iteration Status page the Banner shows US has been added and US was successfully split, however the [Unfinished] Story 1 is not there.


Release : 2018



Defect DE58171 - Splitting Stories in Scrum, this issue is under review by our Broadcom Engineering team.