UIM 20.3 Operator console installs to primary hub and not my UMP server
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UIM 20.3 Operator console installs to primary hub and not my UMP server


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I am upgrading my 8.51 or 9.02 or 9.2 or 20.1 to 20.3 and my Operator Console installer wants to install to the primary hub and not my UMP server. What do I do to solve this?


- any supported upgrade path to 20.3 or 20.4


The Operator Console searches for wasp probes and then looks for a file. If it finds it on the primary hub it will install there and there is no way to change the destination to your UMP server.


  1. If the OC installer wants to deploy to your primary hub, cancel the upgrade and do the following. This process will also work if you have already installed OC to the primary hub.
  2. Create a backup of wasp.cfg from the primary hub system, and run the WASP uninstaller.
  3. In the Installed packages list of the controller, check if any UMP/OC related packages exist. See step 4 for the list of packages that should be removed
    If any exist go to step 4, uninstalling the packages using the probe utility
    otherwise go to step 11, deleting the wasp folder.
  4. From IM, click once on primary robot controller probe to highlight, do not open GUI.

  5. Press Ctrl-p to open the probe utility
  6. Using inst_pkg_remove callback of controller remove UMP/OC packages. ie, inst_pkg_remove wasp
    Find the inst_pkg_remove from the top pulldown.
  7. In the package section type the package you want to delete.

  8. Use the probe utility to remove the following probes
    - ump_slm

  9. If you get an error when you press play, deploy the probe again to the primary, then run the inst_pkg_remove 
  10. Verify you have removed the apps by opening the controller gui-> Status Tab->Installed packages

  11. Remove wasp folder from the filesystem also.
  12. Deploy wasp, adminconsoleapp, uimhome, mps and uimesdplatelemetray packages on the primary hub again.
  13. If the previous wasp.cfg has to be reused, then clear UMP/OC webapps from the webapps section of the cfg file, and replace it.
  14. Activate wasp probe
  15. Run the Operator Console Installer again and it should find your UMP server. In this case I have 2 UMP servers and it chose the secondary. We will let the installer run there first.

  16. After the OC on the secondary UMP completes, deactivate the robot on the now secondary OC.
  17. Run the OC installer again to upgrade the primary UMP.

  18. Activate the secondary OC robot
  19. Verify all they both work