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XCOMM1612E Invalid Credentials accessing Control Center for XCOM for z/OS


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I have verified the password used in the encryption job but still receive invalid credentials messages when trying to validate from the Control Center Setting panel.  In the XCOM log I see Top Secret messages prior to the XCOM error message: 

           XCOMM1610I Control Center Connection Established  
             TSS7102E Password Missing                         
             TSS7102E Password Missing                         
           XCOMM1612E Invalid credentials    




Problems copying the encrypted password.


Release : 12.0

Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for z/OS


You must make sure that you copy & paste the full encrypted password string into the "XCOM-Encrypted Password" field on the Settings tab of Control Center.

Additional Information

When you run the XCOMENCR job to encrypt the password it will write the encrypted password to a sequential, PDS member dataset, or SYSOUT. The contents of the dataset/SYSOUT will look like this:


Make sure to copy the full encrypted string starting after "PASSWORD=". Depending on your emulator you may want to scroll to the right to make sure you have the full encrypted string before you paste it in the Settings tab field.