Testmatch is failing in TDM Portal after install of patch
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Testmatch is failing in TDM Portal after install of patch


Article ID: 200667


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


After uninstalling and reinstalling TDM Portal, we are now seeing all TestMatch jobs are failing, but only jobs run from the Portal.  TestMatch jobs are working from GTDataMaker.



Release : 4.9, 4.10

Component : CA Test Data Manager


TestMatch jobs run from Portal, are executed by the TDMLegacyExecterService.

The TDMLegacyExecuterService.log indicates a security issue with the 'integrator' user.

2020-10-01 00:37:33.390 UTC [ERROR] [https-openssl-nio-8443-exec-4] --- [U:integrator][M:POST][P:/api/ca/v1/testMatchJobs] c.c.t.l.j.c.LegacyExecuterController: Failed to submit TestMatch job.
com.ca.tdm.servicecommon.TDMServiceException: svc_authorization_access_exception


Looking at the Security Group settings for the 'integrator' user., we found this user doesn't have access to the project. We added 'All Projects' to the 'integrator' user and now the TestMatch jobs are working.

Additional Information

NOTE: TestMatch jobs running in TDM 4.8 and older use the 'integrator' account when executing jobs. There was change made in TDM 4.9, where TestMatch no longer uses the 'integrator' account, and instead uses the user account that initiated the job.