Implement Load Balancing of Spectrum OneClick WebApp over HTTP
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Implement Load Balancing of Spectrum OneClick WebApp over HTTP


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


We would like to know how to configure a Load Balancer to work with OneClick WebApp over HTTP


All supported DX NetOps Spectrum releases


1.  First you need to determine the OneClick port, and the OneClick WebApp port.
     The OneClick port can be obtained from $SPECROOT/tomcat/conf/server.xml
The OneClick WebApp port can be obtained from $SPECROOT/webtomcat/conf/server.xml
     You need to look up for the port parameter in the <Connector> tag
     For instance, in next images the ports used are 80 

    and 9443 respectively

2. once the ports were determined, the load balancer virtual server, need to be mapped to the OneClick servers on the ports you found in 1. 
    For example, let's say the Load Balancer virtual server is listening on and the OneClick port you found in 1 was 8080. Then you need to map port 80 on the load balancer to port 8080 on OneClick server, as in next image


   Continuing with the example, if the port for OneClick WebApp you found in 1 was 8444, then you need also to map port 8444 on the load balancer to port 8444 on the OneClick servers:


   NOTE: It is important to notice that for OneClick WebApp, the port on the load balancer and the port on the OneClick servers must be the same. This is not necessary for OneClick port.

   The load balancing device must employs host/session persistence and any load-balancing mode.

   Using the above configuration you may access the OneClick WebApp directly, without the need to launch the OneClick WebApp from OneClick Home page. The URL to access OneClick WebApp directly is


    Following with the example, the URL would be:

    Be aware that this won't work, unless both ports, OneClick and OneClick WebApp port were mapped in the load balancer.
    Even when the URL won't change while you are using OneClick WebApp, there will be http traffic to the OneClick WebApp port.  

    If only the OneClick port is mapped on the load balancer, when you try to access the OneClick WebApp using the above URL you will get a blank screen.
    Using the browser developers tools, Network tab (reload the page after launch developers tools) you will confirm the next URL failed to load.


    Following with the example, the URL that failed to load would look as follow:


3. for additional steps on https see

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