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14.0 Web Viewer - Cannot adjust timezone in ENV settings


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Output Management Web Viewer


I am trying to adjust the timezone for the Web viewer web interface
It is using America/New_York, and I need to change it to Australia/Sydney

I updated the TZ variable in the environment member (CAHVCENV) and recycled the STC Tasks, but still it shows America New York times. What is the procedure for setting up a different time zone ?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Output Management Web Viewer


Setting the TZ variable (and exporting it) is the correct way to set the time zone.

The time zone is used for the Date Created and Modified Date in the repository list. The database where these values are stored expects to have the date/time set to the UTC time of the create/update. The date and time that are display in the list for Date Created and Modified Date are the UTC date/time. However, when a new repository is created it looks like the local time is getting stored in the database. So, if the repository entries were created while the time zone was set to America/New_York, the date and time saved into the database was incorrectly set to the local NY time. If you create a new repository entry after resetting the time zone, then the date created and modified date will have the local time of your new time zone.

Additional Information

In STDENV DD have:

export TZ

 Then go into Web Viewer and add a new repository (called test, for example). The the date created and modified date will look correct.  In this example, the new repository was added at 4:58 pm on 9/30 NY time but the date/time shows as 10/1: 


And when you check in the database, it will show 2020-10-01 06:58:22.855. 

It is important to realize that the date and time stored in the database does not include the timezone.  So the date created is set to the timezone that was active when the repository was created and the modified date is set to the timezone that was active when the repository was modified.