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UIM - sqlserver probe calculation for checkpoints Transactions and Buffer cache hit ratio


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


 DB team requires query/ calculations that will be giving the output for monitoring alerts for two check points in sqlserver probes below

  • Transactions
  • Buffer Cache Hit Ratio


Release : 9.x/ 20.x

Component : UIM - SQLSERVER 5.42 HF3


After the queries are run below calculation is used by the probe to calculate the actual data for the mentioned checkpoints

Check the Additional section for queries used by sql server probe

CheckPoints:- BufferCacheHitRatio 

If version is > = SQL Server 2012
BufferCacheHitRatio = QoS Data

if version < SQL Server 2012
if ((page_lookups > 0) && (page_lookups >(page_reads + page_writes)))
hit_ratio = ((page_lookups - (page_reads + page_writes)) / page_lookups) *100;
hit_ratio = 100;
QoS Data = hit_ratio

Checkpoints:- Transactions

For all the version:- 
if(time > 0 )
count_sec = count/time
count_sec = 0 
QoS Data = count_sec 

Additional Information

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