UIM - Multiple queries related to checkpoint for sql server probe
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UIM - Multiple queries related to checkpoint for sql server probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Can see multiple queries for each checkpoint for queries used by sqlserver probe .

On what factors do these multiple queries depend?


Release : 9.0.2 / 20.x

Component : UIM - SQLSERVER : 5.42 x


Depends on target SQL server database version being monitored 

If SQL Sever is greater then or equal to 2005 i.e 9.00.xxxx then MSSql90[] or MSSql90NoLock[] will be used from the queries provided for concerned checkpoints in KB below
If SQL Sever is equal to 2000 i.e 8.00.xxxx, then MSSql80[] or MSSql80NoLock[] will be used

KB: What Queries (updated ) are used by the sqlserver Probe in UIM?

Also there are two queries for each checkpoint , example 

The MSSql90NoLock query will be used when the no_lock key configured for the connection else normal MSSql90 will be used. 
Use of no_lock can be configured as below .Default is query with lock

The probe can create a deadlock when querying the sqlserver database, and impact the business transactions.

Follow these steps:

Open the probe Raw Configure interface.

Navigate to your connections > <connection name> folder.

Add the no_lock key with value set to 1.

(Optional) Repeat the above steps for each connection, as required.

The probe does not lock the database when querying the database using your <connection name>.


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