Validating Site Servers after OS Upgrade
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Validating Site Servers after OS Upgrade


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IT Management Suite


After upgrading the OS on a site server (from Windows Server 2016 Standard to Windows Server 2022 for example), How we can check/validate that the upgrade went fine for the site server/s?

For the SMP OS upgrade itself, please refer to the following online documentation:

In-Place Operating System Upgrades


ITMS 8.x


To test after upgrade:


1. Check machines are still active/talking under:
a) Go to SMP Console>Settings>Notification Server> Site Server Settings. Under Site Servers, select the Site Server that you just upgraded, and see if client machines are connecting under the Task Service section.


2. Send a dummy task and a dummy package to a client machine - if works, all is good

a) Task - under Manage>Jobs and Tasks>Sample>Notification Server folder and use Update Client Configuration. Select a client machine under Quick Run and run it or under New Schedule use run "Now" and add a machine under Selected Devices.

b) For package that you may already have - go to Manage > All Resources > Default > All Resources > Package > Software Package > and select your package. Double-click (or right-click > Resource Manager). Under "Right-click Actions" section, click on "Edit" Package. Edit the package and add a dummy text file to it. 


Go to the package server, update configuration, and you should see that the package is updated and the dummy file should be added to the package.

Or create a new one (see Importing a Package to Create a Software Resource):

To import a package to create a software resource

  1. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Managemenu, click Software.
  2. In the left pane, on the Softwarepane, click Add Software > Import Package.
  3. On the Import Software: Specify Softwarepage, select the package to import.

See Import Software dialog box

To specify a folder with a structure, add the folder as a compressed ZIP file


  1. Click Next.
  2. On the Import Software: Software Details page, review the information that was obtained from the package that you imported and make changes if necessary.

See Import Software dialog box

  1. (Optional) To return to the Import Software: Specify Software page and change the option settings there, click Back.
  2. Click OK.


After the package has been created, if you update the configuration on your package server, you should see that new package added under the Package Server tab.