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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


I received this alarm on Spectrum. Why is it generated?


The global collections in your environment have the option set to "real-time" update.

If the Global collection is large, then it's possible to have exceeded the minimum interval update which is one hour by default. The larger the GC and the more complex searches, would take longer to update. 

The above is warning is also applicable to Global collections that contain expensive searches that may update on 24 hour or greater periods.


Release : All Supported Releases

Component : SPCCSS - Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


When there are large Global collections, we recommend not to use "real-time" update unless business needs require it.

Try to avoid expensive searches that query external attributes (values not contained within the ssdb) or searches like contains name as these can impact performance and will be slow to update against thousands of models.

You can also add more memory to the Web Server to minimize and performance impacts due to the GC updates:

OC Admin page > Administrator > Web Server Memory > Check how much has been assigned. You can increase if needed.

Additional Information

Other remediation options:

1.    Increase the refresh time from 24 hours to something longer if these GCs have a low change rate is it necessary to run every day?

2.    Allocate more CPU time to the GC searches but this may have other adverse impacts on the SS.

gc_perf_cpu_threshold=<miliseconds>    (Default 5000 = 5 Seconds)
This is the max time the CPU can spend in executing the GC update before working on other tasks

3.    Remove the alarm.  If there is a real issue with other GCs this might not alert you to the issue at hand.