Alternate Log directory in CSA is missing system logs, access logs, admin.log etc.
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Alternate Log directory in CSA is missing system logs, access logs, admin.log etc.


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Setting up Alternate Log directory in CSA will not move all the logs there, missing system logs, access logs, admin.log etc. or logs are not updating appropriately


  1. Connect to Clarity NSA - Logs - Edit Configuration
  2. For Alternate Logs Directory, set another server folder, such as C:\testlog
  3. Save
  4. Restart all services
  5. Now go to the C:\testlog folder


Expected Results: All logs to be created and updated in C:\testlog

Actual Results: Some logs are moved there, such as "-ca.log, -trace.xml etc, but the -system logs, the access logs and admin.log are missing and still updated in $clarity/logs directory

Workaround: None


Release : 15.5.1 - 15.8.1, 15.9 - 15.9.2


This is caused by DE58162, fixed in 15.9.3

Additional Information

When the Alternate folder is not called "logs" most of the logs are not going there. 

When you configure this in CSA it will point Clarity's loggers to this directory instead of the default one, which is ${install.dir}/logs. 
It is not SUPPOSED to copy the log files from the default logs folder into the alternate logs directory. Instead NEW log entries are now written to the alternate log directory. 
When you set this in CSA and the app and bg and beacon are running you MIGHT see app-*.log, bg-*.log files created in the directory. The app-*.log files are created because the loggers defined in the app are being re-initialized and this creates pretty much empty files for the app in the alternate logs directory. The bg would only create them if a job were running or if the bg were re-started. 

The app-access tomcat log files is not affected by this as the app-access log is configured into the Tomcat server.xml file during a deploy and is based on the ${install.dir}/logs folder.