Unable to access Control Center on LPAR
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Unable to access Control Center on LPAR


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  I am able to login to XCOM Control Center on my test LPAR.  When I attempt to access on my DEV LPAR this screen pops up:

This page isn’t working                                                                                                                                                           

ii.iii.ii.iii sent an invalid response.

I see no messages in XCOMLOG or on syslog. Any suggestions on where to start looking ?


Release : 12.0

Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for z/OS


Let's make sure you have everything in place to use the Control Center with your LPAR:

1. Make sure to have the 2 fixes related to Control Center applied. SO13599 & SO10939

2. Make sure to have a valid qualifier resource name for parameter CC_RESOURCE in your CONFIG member for that XCOM task. The userid needs at least READ access to the resource.

3. Make sure that the URL you are using to get to Control Center on your LPAR has the correct IP and Port. Here is how the URL should look:


In this case specifying a valid qualifier resource name for parameter CC_RESOURCE resolved the problem.

Additional Information

If all of the above is correct and you continue to have a problem, then make sure to turn on the XCOM trace by issuing command /f xcomstc,TRACE,*. Reproduce the problem and provide us with the complete output of the XCOM task in question and trace. Make sure to turn off the XCOM trace using command /f xcomstc,NOTRACE,*.