SPM error: No model to perform action on
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SPM error: No model to perform action on


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We are unable to run latency tests on test hosts under service performance manager in Spectrum.  We are able to create the test but when we try to run it we get the following error:

SPC-OCC-11965: No model to perform action on

When the Test is created, Spectrum is not creating the RTM_HAS_TEST association.  Even if we manually create the association, we then get another error:


SPC-OCA-10445: The model does not exist.


Release : 10.4

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Corrupt Test_Host models


You will need to destroy the Test_Host model and reconfigure the device model to recreate the Test_Host.  You can run the Locater - SPM - All Test Host search.  Export the results.  Destroy the Test_Hosts in the search window.  Find the devices and reconfigure them which will recreate the Test_Host model.

If you want to do this in bulk, you can run the All Test Host search and limit the columns to just the Network Address column.  Export the list and destroy the Test_Host models.  Open the savefile you made and remove the first entry for Network Address and replace all of the quotes with a space.  Save the file. You can then create a new search for "Network Adddress" "Equal To" "Prompt When Launched" and click the Launch button and click the List... icon.  Select your file.

Once you have the list of models, select 25 at a time, right click - Reconfiguration - Reconfigure Model.