Primary contact on a CI moves to Other Assigned Contacts list
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Primary contact on a CI moves to Other Assigned Contacts list


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When one adds a given contact record to a given CI as the Primary Contact, then remove the same contact as the Primary Contact, the same contact record is then moved to the "Other Assigned Contacts List" and the same CI continues to appear in the contact record's Contact Details / Environment tab.

Need to disable this option and if there is simple way to do that.


Release : 17.1



The functionality to move a given contact from Primary Contact over to the "Other Assigned Contacts List" when the contact entry is removed from Primary Contact is meant to account for the history of a given CI, that a CI's association and ownership may change across end users, and if there are questions concerning the CI itself, that the given contact may still have some knowledge or continue to have association to the given CI. As such, this is working as designed.

To fully remove the contact record from association to the CI entirely, the following steps are available:

- In the given CI, under tab Contacts, Locations, Organization, subtab: Contacts, click on "Update Contacts"

- Do a blind search to bring up all the contact records that are associated on the given CI, under "Other Assigned Contacts List"

- Move the given contact record over to the left, to remove the association, then save.

The association should be fully removed per the above.