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SCM v13.0.4 Refresh Pack for the client component results in error code 2711


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We found a situation where applying the SCM v13.0.4 refresh pack for the client component produced an error message:


This will happen when you install the previous version of the SCM Client using the “Workbench Only” version of the installation package, then when you try to apply the 13.0.4 refresh pack you use the “Full Client” version of the refresh pack installer.  The difference between the two is that if you look in the feature table for the SCM Client, the “Administrator” feature is there for the full client, but missing from the Workbench only client.  So to avoid this error we need to check the feature table to see if “Administrator” is found there.


CA Harvest SCM v13.0.4


One way to determine which type of client installer was used during the last installation of SCM is with a 2-step registry query.  The first step will get the unique code in the registry for the SCM Client installation.  This code will be different for each version of SCM, and will even be different for 32 or 64-bit installations, so you’ll need to find this code first.  This is the query that will provide the answer
reg query hklm\SOFTWARE\Classes\Installer\Products /s /v ProductName
Here’s the result you’d get:
    ProductName    REG_SZ    Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable - x64 9.0.30729.6161
    ProductName    REG_SZ    Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable - x86 9.0.30729.6161
    ProductName    REG_SZ    CA Harvest Software Change Manager r12.6 Client
    ProductName    REG_SZ    CA Harvest Software Change Manager r12.6 Agent
End of search: 4 match(es) found.
We’re looking for the 2-line entry related to the SCM Client (highlighted above).  Once we find this, we need to look at the last 32 characters of the first line, which gives us the unique code for the SCM Client component installation.
    ProductName    REG_SZ    CA Harvest Software Change Manager r12.6 Client
The second step is to use this unique code to locate the “Features” table for the SCM Client.  Here’s the query that lists the Features table:
reg query hklm\SOFTWARE\Classes\Installer\Features\9CE6116528A292A478F9137D3737534D
The result of the second query looks similar to this for a Workbench-only installation:
    CommandLine    REG_SZ
    Documentation    REG_SZ
    Workbench    REG_SZ
    HarWin    REG_SZ  
What we’re looking for is the “Administrator” feature.  If the full client installer was used, the “Administrator” feature will be listed here.  In the above case, I used the Workbench Only installer and that is evident because the “Administrator” feature is missing.
So the bottom line is, to avoid the error message, first check the feature table before applying the SCM 13.0.4 refresh pack.  If “Administrator” is found in the feature table, you can use the full client version of the 13.0.4 refresh pack (Client32 or Client64), and if it is not found you will need to use the workbench only version (WBonly32 or WBonly64).
Attached is an example Windows batch script that will perform the 2 queries and determine if “Administrator” is found in the features table.  It is provided as-is, and is only meant to show how this could be done and to provide a starting point for you in case you would like to develop a script of your own.  


1601473628405__full_or_wbonly_client_bat.txt get_app