How should encryption be specified/configured when installing 11.3 agents when WAAE R11.3 Scheduler should support *both* 11.3 and V4.51 agents?


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When installing 11.3 agents in an environment where the WAAE R11.3 Scheduler supports *both* 11.3 Agents and Legacy 4.51 agents, the installation process asks for an encryption method. Since there is not encryption with 4.5 how can *no* encryption be specified/configured when installing 11.3 agents?
The documented method, changing security.cryptkey in agentparm.txt after installing is burdensome when dealing with lots of agents....


The solution is to code UseEncryption=0 at autosys level (scheduler) and install the agent with AES.

Next, when defining the agent machines specify that the 11.3 agent uses AES:

 insert_machine: machine_name       
 agent_name: agent_name 
 encryption_type: AES
 key_to_agent: xxxx

This establishes an AES encryption between the scheduler and the 11.3.

For the 4.5 agents, use :

type: L

This defines a "legacy" machine agent that does not use encryption.

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See chapter Appendix A: Legacy Agent Considerations in the CA Workload Automation AE User Guide for more details


Release: ATSYHA99000-11.3.5-Workload Automation AE-High Availability Option