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List of deleted accounts in an endpoint associated with global users


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The following error has occurred in sa log (saYYYYMMDD.log).


====================== 35: 48.359 ERROR IM Provisioning Server-: ETA_E_0008 <MAC>, User Account'GU01' on'Endpoint1' modification failed: Entry'GU01' does not exist in the provisioning directory (by User'etaadmin' --TenantNotSet) [DETAIL] {ID = IM-980f32d4-0ae2a701-25cdc91f-c4874e5a-943-1-0-1}



When we checked the situation, we can see the account “GU01” in the endpoint “Endpoint1” associated with the global user “GU01” in the List Accounts of Provisioning Manager.

However, we found that the account “GU01” does not actually exist in the endpoint “Endpoint1”.


Is it possible to create a list of deleted accounts in an endpoint associated with global users?


Release : 12.6, 14.x

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


Identity Manager gains its understanding of an endpoint through explore and correlates (E&C). Without performing an explore, Identity Manager has no knowledge of the current status of an endpoint system.

Therefore, Identity Manager does not always have the latest account information of each endpoints, it is not possible to create that list.