PRJ-07600: Circular Reference Error (without any dependencies on task)
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PRJ-07600: Circular Reference Error (without any dependencies on task)


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Users are running into a circular reference error when attempting to add a task dependency.

ERROR:  PRJ-07600: Cannot create the dependency as it would result in a circular reference.

This occurs on any task on any project regardless if there are any other dependency on the particular task or any task on the project. 


This will occur if there are records stuck in the PRJ_TEMP_CIRC_DEP_CHK table. Records may remain stuck here if a circular dependency managed to be created in the system on any existing project. 


If you run into this issue, contact Broadcom Support for a resolution. 

Note: This table will only exist on Oracle and PostgreSQL

Additional Information

If the issue is only on one project/task, this may be a legitimate warning message, check KB Task Dependencies error PRJ-07600: Circular Reference Error