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Removal and Installing License from GW10 is slow


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CA API Gateway API SECURITY CA API Gateway Precision API Monitoring Module for API Gateway (Layer 7) CA API Gateway Enterprise Service Manager (Layer 7) STARTER PACK-7 CA Microgateway


After manual expedited upgrade from 9.2 to 10.0, we tried installing a new 10.0 license then removing the old 9.2 license.

The issues we are facing:
1. When installing the new 10.0 license, it just gets stuck on the loading bar. After waiting for 10 minutes I cancelled it, but then the new license showed up in "Manage Licenses" after reconnecting to the Policy Manager.
This has also been happening in other servers as well.

2. When uninstalling the old 9.2 license, it takes a long time, though it does get removed at the end but it'll take usually 5-10 minutes.

For 1. could you let me know if this is expected or something is wrong? For 2. why is it taking that long?


Release : 10.0

Component : API GATEWAY


the root causes can be :
- slowness on client connection with the gateway, the refresh of the operation seems to be what you observe delayed. 
- Database replication issue
- network issue