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PDT Non-Zero Rows Inserted Reported in an UPDATE Statement


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Non-Zero rows inserted are reported in an update statement. The INSERTED / UPDATED columns total the number of rows INSERTED and/or UPDATED. Not the number of times the INSERT or UPDATE was executed. Why an update statement would have an accumulation of the inserts?

Look in the history 09-28-20 - 9:41, PLAN; REAF



Release : 20.0

Component : CA Detector for DB2 for z/OS


This is what transpired. There are triggers based upon the table identified. Reviewing the text, there are INSERTED rows to some table. A couple of clues. The number of INSERTED and UPDATED are equivalent (1 INSERT for 1 UPDATE). The TR_MAIN_TIME and TR_MAIN_CPU columns contain values which contain stats on Triggers, and SYSIBM.SYSTRIGGERS contains rows for the table in question.