Effective Allocation Start and Finish out of Sequence
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Effective Allocation Start and Finish out of Sequence


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


When attempting to create a project from template the following error is thrown in the UI:

ERROR PRJ-10012: Attempt to add/update record failed.
The Copy from Template operation failed to complete successfully. The project has not been fully realized based on the template.

The app-ca logs contain an error similar to this: 

Effective Allocation Start and Finish out of sequence. start=Mon Jan 04 00:00:00 CST 2021 finish=Mon Sep 28 17:00:00 CDT 2020

The new project gets created, but the team and tasks do not get copied over.

After reviewing all of the start and finish dates on the template Team tab, there are no records that have a start and finish date that are out of sequence to where the Start date is a later date than the Finish. 


Release: All
Component : CA PPM Project Management


This issue will occur if there is a team record on the template that has an explicit Start date set (that is different than the project Start date), and no explicit Finish date (to where the project finish date will be inherited). 

To avoid this issue, either add an explicit Finish date or clear the Start date on any team records that fit this criteria. The allocation dates on the team records on the template either should have no explicit start and finish dates set, or have both dates set. We will run into this issue when there is a start date set, but no finish set.

Another option is to explicitly set a finish date on the project before you save it.

Normally the Start and Finish dates on the project are the same date until you save it, then if there are team members/tasks, the finish date will update accordingly.

However if you have the first scenario where the team has an explicit start date but no explicit finish date the copy will fail unless you manually update the project finish date to the future before saving it.