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Information on the CCS 12.5.1 RPM Linux agent install package


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Control Compliance Suite (CCS)

Information on the CCS 12.5.1 RPM Linux agent install package


Release : 12.5.1

Component :CCS RPM Linux install package


Please see the information below on where to find the 12.5.1 Linux RPM agent package.
Information on the CCS 12.5.1 Linux RPM:
Where to download the Linux 12.5.1 agent RPM:
1) Login to your account
2) Select Symantec Enterprise Security
3) Select 'Product Downloads' and then search for 'Control Compliance Suite':
4) Select 12.5.1 in the 'Release' dropdown, and then click on 'Control Compliance Suite' (don't click on Download)
5) Download the Symantec CCS 12.5.1 RPM EN zip file that is the RPM agent installer:
NOTE: If you get an error about the ccsrpm.conf file is missing or needs to be configured, a copy is attached to this KB.  The ccsrpm.conf can be configured to the specific needs of your environment, and is self documented within the conf file itself.
# This file is normally stored in /tmp/ccsrpm.conf. If you want it elsewhere, export a variable called CONFIGFILE with the new location/name before running the rpm -i or -U command
Installing SCU 2020-1 via RPM on Linux agents (that also were installed by RPM agent installer)
NOTE: You can only use the SCU RPM package on supported Linux agents that the agent was installed using RPM.  At the time of when this KB was written the SCU was 2020-1.  
Download the SCU for the RPM Linux package in 'Product Downloads' on
In the 'Release' dropdown, select 'Content_Release' and then click on the 'Control Compliance Suite' link (not on Downloads).

Download the SCU that is what currently is applied to your CCS environment.  The Content RPM package is included in the SCU zip file (example below).  Note: The RPM content is only available for SCU 2020-1 or newer.

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