MSM: WebClientInstaller.pax.Z' Error checking unpaxed MCS file. Wrong format of input package. MCS file does not exist! 
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MSM: WebClientInstaller.pax.Z' Error checking unpaxed MCS file. Wrong format of input package. MCS file does not exist! 


Article ID: 200503


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager) CHORUS SOFTWARE MANAGER


The Update Product Release for CA 1 Tape Management 14.0  receives the following messages:

Package '/usrlpr/csm/mpm/tmproot/MSM.8158740500296704140.scratchpad/task23611/WebClientInstaller.pax.Z' was unpaxed. 
Error checking unpaxed MCS file. Wrong format of input package. MCS file does not exist! 
Package WebClientInstaller.pax.Z  
Expected MCS file location '/usrlpr/csm/mpm/tmproot/MSM.9180355904777680137.scratchpad/MSMUnpaxTemp/CSMTCSRV/tmp/SMPPTFIN' 

The process does successfully download all of the other files in the package including the Base Install for  CA 1 Tape Management 14.0, it is only the WebClientinstall.pax.Z file that receives the error. 



Release : 6.0 or 6.1

Component : Chorus Software Manager


The WebClientinstaller.pax.Z file was not designed to be installed using CA CSM. 


CA Vangard PTF SS06587 introduces the WebClientinstaller.pax.Z file and it can not be installed via CSM, instead it needs to be installed natively.

Install CA CSM 6.0 PTF SO14330 (CSM 6.0 MAINTENANCE SHIPMENT - 156) to resolve task failure.

Install CA CSM 6.1 PTF SO14867 (CSM 6.1 MAINTENANCE SHIPMENT - 156) to resolve task failure.

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