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CA TDM 4.8.X/4.9.x Data Masking Support for Hadoop - error: insufficient privileges to execute add (state=42000, code=0)


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We just finished installing the 2 jar files and hql file in our Hive environment.
We ran the command/statement, hive -i catdm-masker-init.hql but was not successful.

it produced error: insufficient privileges to execute add (state=42000, code=0).

We googled for answers, and it was telling us to use JAVA function to add this jar,

Note: Our cluster is having Kerberos and Sentry enabled and the Kerberos ticket was renewed before running the command.

I have uploaded the screenshot from our environment for your investigation. Let us know if you need more info.


The error is expected when using the Add Jar function and Sentry Security is enabled.


TMD 4.9.x
FDM 4.9.x

Component: CA Test Data Manager


No testing was done when implementing the solution for Hadoop while having the sentry component installed and configured.
So currently this is not supported.

In reviewing the like you provided it looks like the link provides you with the workaround your DBA should be able to use.

From the link:
Under Sentry you want an admin to inspect all Jars and then add them globally using hive.aux.jars.path.

Your DBA should understand how to allow this Jar file to be utilized by following the above process in the database.


You might also have your DBA review the following for alternative workarounds.